Data Transfer & Migration

BSWe offers individual solutions for data exchange between different softwares. No matter whether database, spreadsheet or pure text data – the software collects data from different sources, prepares it and makes it available in a structured way in the desired target format.

Scanned documents become searchable text files, memory-consuming four-color images or PDF documents become handy preview images or reports of incomplete data records are sent by e-mail. All this can be done automatically or at the push of a button – exactly as you need it.

Data Migration

BSWe implements solutions that transfer data from one system into the format of another system.
After an analysis of the data structures, methods for data consolidation, separation and preparation are programmed and tested with real data. The aim is to ensure that as few intermediate steps as possible are necessary and that the entire migration process can be completely repeated at any time.

After successful preparation and final testing, the aim is to achieve the shortest possible transition phase to the practical use of the new system.

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