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Software is a tool – and just as a hammer is not the ideal tool for every craft activity, out-of-the-box software is not equally suitable for every company and project.

With the adaptation to concrete requirements, individually developed software contributes significantly to the economic success of a company, because it grows with the company and it's requirements. This can be done as a server, desktop or mobile application or as a combination of these three types.

Individual – from Cursor to Print

An application can be a flagship of your company – it doesn't just start where prospects and customers come into contact with the software, it starts with your employees. Design, functionality and efficiency of the software reflect lived values and promote motivation.

BSWe offers complete customization to your company's CD and CI, combined with efficient functionality that is tailored to your workflow - not the other way around. Functionality can be made available in a user-friendly way. This can take into account for work environment, type of operation, knowledge and physical limitations as well.

Minimization of Costs and Prerequisites

At BSWe, the cost of a software solution is usually limited to pure development. For the end customer there are no license fees needed (e.g. for database servers) and there are also no restrictions regarding the number of users or processors.

BSWe software does not use Java nor does it require a .NET framework and does not require any other third-party software. Normally the software is used on a "modern" operating system. However, if required, applications can also be provided for "legacy" Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

Performance and Scaling

When it comes to performance, the data model and architecture of the overall application are often much more important than hardware power and code optimization. If you need to process large amounts of data or serve a large number of users, you need concepts and architectures that enable parallel processing. Here "balancing" plays a decisive role, in order to use all CPU cores and memory resources as effectively as possible and without blockages. BSWe offers appropriate solutions, starting with caching and control of process priorities up to processor affinity and the use of NUMA nodes.

As the requirements on an application grow, the architecture of the software should be able to get along with it without fundamental changes being necessary. BSWe has many years of experience in this area, which is incorporated into every conception and every update. This high flexibility of the software is in many cases the decisive criterion for an individual solution.

Mobile Solutions

BSWe develops web applications that can run in any modern browser – on the desktop or smartphone – and can therefore be used anywhere in the world. True mobility is only achieved when not only the application is mobile, but also the data. BSWe offers with the platform "Net/work" exactly this kind of mobility for practically every kind of application. Of course with strong data encryption and copy protection.

Native Applications with a Common Code Base

  • object-oriented cross-platform development and remote debugging
  • encrypted resources
  • applications for 32-Bit and 64-Bit Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Raspberry Pi
  • native applications (machine code) for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS
  • LLVM 64-bit compiler for Windows and macOS with high execution optimization
  • cross-application code base for all systems
  • very fast, fully automated build processes and deployment
  • application scripting

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